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All The Old Bells

Challenges I faced on the floating plates was roto by hand on the plates that are sitting on a cabinet to move apart as the original plate.  What I accomplished on these plates were grid warp and transform in roto nodes to track the plates to ascend.

Star in the Desert

Challenges I faced was adding a core mattes to make hair details in Keying. What I accomplished was adding the color grade to blues and reds to make a vibrant evening scene.

Strawberry Mansion

Challenges I faced on removing seams are roto-painting the smallest seam that appeared on the fur coat frame by frame.  What I accomplished was to do 2 rotos from the top part of the wall and another on the bottom part to cover the seams in different values of color.

Strawberry Mansion

Challenges I faced on removing seams are roto-painting shadows coming from underneath both right and left walls.  What I accomplished is removing the seams for both right and left walls and adjusting the curtain shadows coming from the left wall.


Challenges I faced was cleaning the surrounding areas of the neck on roto-paint and removing the skin creases.  What I accomplished was that I made jewel color look realistic with some grade nodes.

Jack and Anna

Challenges I faced was matching the grain from the background with the roto-paint on the panel.  What I accomplished was to roto-paint the panel to match the concreate wall.

The 24th

Challenges I faced on rotoscoping was to roto Col Norton’s shoulder on the tent to blend through and the tent was taking to pixels information from the Col Norton’s shoulder roto.  What I accomplished on the roto was to make sure Col Norton’s shoulder was showing on a blur in front
of the tent and is merged behind Col Norton’s shoulder.

World of Steam

Challenges I faced in World of Steam was to key through hair details on a wide shot scene.  I accomplished the Green Spills which was used from Keylight to match the background with a gray tone and Despill Madness to tone the colors
to blues.

Water "Droplet"

Challenges I faced was droplet placement on the crystal, calculating the blend shapes of the fluid and using expression values of the fluid.  What I accomplished this is to use Particle Separation to let the particles of the fluid spread out from the droplet.

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